"Whether you're a wanna-be despot or some goody two-shoes "hero" I got what you need.. you want some planets relocated to make way for an interstellar highway? kid's stuff.. you want that imperial-class war-ship to disappear? not a problem.. just be sure to read the contract before you sign 'cause when I'm on the case I always play for keeps.." ~ Mr. Odd


Mr. Odd is a mysterious entity that will do anything for anyone - for the right price.. he is one of the main antagonists of the Chiang Battlehand series due to his mercenary-nature: which means he often sides with evil warlords such as Faungli, though purely for profit.

Character Bio

Mr. Odd is a being whose past is shrouded in mystery, no one is quite sure who or what he is - one thing is known for certain however and that is that Mr. Odd is a ruthless businessman who will make a deal with almost anyone providing they can pay him.

Mr. Odd is infamous for being completely without moral and sure enough if someone offers him a higher sum he will gladly switch sides - calling upon the aid of Mr. Odd is akin to calling on the Devil himself and many have fallen victim to his capricous nature.

Mr. Odd prides himself in being a man who can be called upon to do almost anything and amongst the least of his many exploits have been assassination, bounty-hunting, industrial sabotage, mercenary work, weapon-dealing, smuggling, drug-dealing and poaching.


Mr. Odd is an immortal being made out of the "stuff of space itself" - which grants him the titanic ability of Cosmic Manipulation.

  • Immortality (Mr. Odd can not die, he can only be contained or temporarily dispersed - he is considered one of a few who can survive even the complete destruction of the multiverse, since he is in essence his own universe)
  • Stellakinesis (Mr. Odd is an advanced user of stellakinesis who can manipulate space within a range of several city blocks of himself, being in essence a very small and sentient universe, so far his abilities include: the creation and destruction of small wormholes, vortexes and gateways - allowing transport between worlds and dimensions (some of which exist inside himself), manipulation of planetary and universal phenomena (such as gravity, terraforming and solar flares of varying intensity) within his range and the ability to survive indefinitely in space without protection and even "walk" in the void of space without drifting away)