"Come now it's not so bad - have some ice-cream, ice-cream makes everything better!" ~ Mr Z (trying to comfort Liberator during a failed mission)

Mr Z is a magical genie-like creature known as a Zen and has a good-natured personality: liking to aid people in distress and earning himself a reputation as a fun-loving hero who has little time for bullies or loud-mouths but is eager to befriend those who treat others with respect and kindness.


Mr Z is a magical creature known as a Zen, legend states that a Zen is formed when enough people desire something long enough - whether this is the case or not Mr Z seems to be the answer to humanity's desire to have a protector and friend: especially in these dark and turbulent times. Mr Z has always been a solo hero but has met up with almost every hero and antihero in his setting: each encountered proved eventful and no doubt more shall follow as the eccentric fellow makes his way across the world, helping the needy and playing pranks on those that displease him.

Appearance In The Villains RPG Universe


Mr. Z has the agility of an Olympian-level athlete, greater speed and willpower than most humans and great endurance - he also has several minor magical abilities such as turning himself or others invisible, shrinking to doll-size or granting very minor-wishes (ones that are possible by the laws of physics: for example he can grant a wish for an ice-cream but could not grant a wish such as a castle in the sky or something)


Physically Mr Z is abnormally skinny, standing in at 4ft 7in and has blue skin with yellow eyes and pointy ears akin to an elf - he is also bald and has four small bumps on his forehead: he dresses in the style of a clown.

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