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Bryan Adams - (Everything I Do) I Do It For You

Nathan Young is the current holder of the Codex, a powerful alien device that is older than the written word, making it a paradox in itself - yet the Codex is also Earth's main hope against innumerable alien threats that have since become known as fairy tales.

Nathan's task is to prevent the malicious entities described in the Codex from harming Earth and in the course of his adventures he will fight everything from whimsical fairy tale creatures such as Leprechauns to theological horrors such as the Grim Reaper (all of which are alien rather than supernatural).

In order to ensure Nathan's success the Codex grants him unique abilities such as time-travel, reality-shifting, limited clairvoyance, "true" sight and multiple other gifts that shift with necessity.

Nathan's ancestors go back to the man who would become a legend in his own right - known in the modern world as "Robin Hood" : this would eventually lead Nathan to walk in his ancestor's shoes as he found himself falling in love with a young half-alien (much as the legendary "Robin Hood" did before him).



Nathan is an extremely protective individual who deeply cares for humanity and Earth itself, though he also extends this benevolence to any being that is in pain or in need of his aid - he is willing to sacrifice his own life in the defence of others and has been known to identify himself as Earth's defender on numerous occassions.

This protectiveness can manifest negatively however and Nathan can show extreme rage and vengeance when opposing evil beings - those who harm others and take pride in such actions can inspire great wrath from Nathan, though he tries to keep his rage in check and shows mercy to enemies even if he does not always wish to do so.. believing it important to "better" himself from the "easy route" of revenge.

Nathan also frequently finds himself tempted to use the power of the Codex to become a "god" or "savior" to humanity but always stops short of doing so - believing that if he did such actions he would be no better than the aliens and monsters he fights on a regular basis.

Powers / Abilities

The Codex grants:

  • Time-Travel (the Codex allows Nathan to travel back and forward in time)
  • Reality-Shifting (the Codex allows Nathan to enter other realities and adapt to alien environments)
  • Clairvoyance (the Codex allows Nathan to have brief glimpses into far away locations)
  • "True" Sight (the Codex allows Nathan to see hidden creatures and events)
  • Telepathy (the Codex allows Nathan to telepathically communicate with many life-forms)
  • Psychic Shield (the Codex can block unwelcome psychic messages from Nathan's mind)
  • Chrono-Lock (the Codex allows Nathan to exist completely separate from time or space)
  • Profiling (the Codex allows a detailed profile of almost any enemy, location or ally Nathan may encounter)

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