A thread of Destiny weaves through a shattered universe.

Framed for a cosmic cataclysm she took no part in, Princess Nebula embarks on a quest across worlds to collect the pages of a stolen, all-powerful Rule Book, and clear her name of the crime. The worlds are filled with perils beyond imagining, but she is thankfully not alone; joining her on her adventure are Bounce, Brute, Bantam, and Cupcake, a group of cosmic travelers and part-time superheroes known as the Rejects.



After many months of deliberation and hiatus, I am considering a return to this project in RPG Maker MV. With the dedication of certain scripters like Yanfly and AtelierRGSS], I'm sure that all the resources to fully build the engine are there.


  • Current ideas:
    • Use special Rule Book pages or chapters for special abilities. Using the Chapter (or Page) of Space, for example, can allow the player to possibly set up warp points or travel between established warp points.
    • Using Skills or Summons based off of Multiverse lore. These can be obtained via Rule Book pages, Gems, etc. Both Nebula and Worry could acquire these.


Nebula and the Rejects is an RPG with elements of dungeon-crawling, adventure, and "collect-a-thons." Player characters fight enemies to gain experience and strength, while exploring a range of large, diverse worlds for important items to aid them.

Defeating enemies will reward players with materials instead of money. For example, defeating a rogue automaton in the Ancient Dynamo can reward the player with a Scrap Metal. Materials can be traded for credits to be used at the shops in the Nexus of Everything, forged into new weapons and apparel, or be used by Bantam in creating various elixirs or gadgets.


The game uses an Active-Time Battle (ATB) system, where an actor's speed stat determines how much time it takes before they are capable of making another move. 


Stat Abbreviation Description
Health Points HP Decreases as damage is taken. When this value falls to zero, the character is KO'd.
Stamina Points SP Decreases as special skills and magic are used.

Increases through various actions in battle, and can be used as a cost to activate special skills.

Power POW Physical strength.
Defense DEF Resistance to physical attacks.
Magic MAG Magical strength.
Resistance RES Resistance to magical attacks.
Speed SPD How quickly characters can act in battle. Characters with higher speed don't need to wait as long to initiate their next move.
Luck LUK A wildcard stat.


Character Assets Flaws Notes
Nebula MaxSP, HYPE, MAG MaxHP, POW, DEF Nebula gains HYPE faster than other characters, and has the unique ability to convert it into SP. With lower HP, POW, and DEF, she is the textbook example of a "squishy mage."
Bounce MaxHP, DEF, RES HYPE, SPD, LUK Bounce's level-headed demeanor means that his HYPE gains are somewhat lacking, but his rubbery build makes him excel at tanking damage.





Instead of equipping weapons, Brute spends HYPE to swap Weapon Modules in the midst of battle, making her an arsenal in her own right. Each weapon provides a unique set of skills and stat modifications.

Default Mode is the mode Brute is in when no weapon mode is equipped. Her abilities in default mode relate to her cyborg powers.





A well-balanced mode with no pronounced advantages nor drawbacks. Attack foes or set up for counterattacks.




Focus on targeting enemy weaknesses. Chance to seal certain enemy skill types. Crit chance is doubled. Accuracy is reduced. HYPE gains are halved.





Defend Brute and her allies from attack. DEF and RES are buffed. POW, MAG, and SPD are debuffed.





Strike multiple enemies hard or bind single foes. Chance to seal certain enemy skill types. HYPE gains are doubled. DEF and RES are debuffed.





Strike single enemies with crushing power. POW is buffed. SPD is debuffed.





Strike multiple times per turn. SPD and HYPE gains are buffed. POW, DEF and RES are debuffed. Enemies are more likely to target Brute.




HYPE A powerful plasma weapon that comsumes great amounts of HYPE and some HP.



Bantam is an on-the-fly gadgeteer and alchemist, able to synthesize the player's collection of materials into useful tools in the midst of battle.

Cupcake POW, LUK ??? While not only a great physical attacker thanks to her super-strength and cheerleading gymnastics, Cupcake can use her cheers to distribute her HYPE to her allies, or boost the party's stats by a factor of how much HYPE she currenty has.


HYPE, LUK Ruichi gains HYPE at a slower rate than all other playable characters, and only gains it when taking damage. Filling up his entire HYPE meter however will allow him to transform into Dark Ruichi, his more powerful, more brutal alter-ego.
Dark Ruichi


HYPE, LUK When Ruichi is hurt enough, he can turn the tables of a fight by unleashing his dark, vengeful alter-ego, Dark Ruichi. Due to his lack of restraint, Dark Ruichi's attack and magic power increase greatly, but the use of skills will cost some HP.



Nebula and the Rejects takes place in the Reverie Universe. The game's setting is a collection of various levels, referred to as "worlds," that the player progresses through to reach their ultimate destination. Nebula and the Rejects allows the player to travel through worlds both established in the main canon and some unique specifically to the game.



  • Nexus of Everything
    • A safe-haven for Nebula and Co. The starting point of the journey into the Spiral.
  • Spirele
  • Ancient Dynamo
    • A post-apocalyptic steampunk world where the only remaining inhabitants are a race of living machines known as Machina, brought to life with Destiny Force.
  • Celestia City
  • Claret Cavity


  • Terralius


The game's central protagonist is Nebula, a rebellious Alluran princess tasked with collecting the scattered pages of the Rule Book. She is accompanied by a cosmic superhero team known as the Rejects: Bounce, the leader with an elastic body and a heart of gold; Brute, a no-nonsense alien war-machine who can transform her arms into an armory; Bantam, a chicken-themed inventor and master of gadgetry; and Cupcake, an empathetic cheerleader with superhuman strength. Also joining the party is Ruichi, a soft-spoken rogue with many scars.


  • Nebula
  • Bounce
  • Brute
  • Bantam
  • Cupcake
  • Ruichi


  • Bryony
    • The self-appointed leader of the Multiversial Lords. Thoroughly convinced of his own superiority, but is too refined to rub it in anyone's face... at least, directly.
  • Mandrake
    • A Multiversial Lord. Hot-headed, easily flustered, and quick to accuse, especially when others don't adhere to his vision of etiquette. Treats Azalea like a daughter.
  • Myrtle
    • A Multiversial Lord. Quiet and reserved. The wisest and most insightful of the group, though finds speaking with others difficult and often opts to remain silent.
  • Basil
    • A Multiversial Lord. Bookish and smart. Spends most of his time in the library.
  • Azalea
    • A Multiversial Lord. The youngest and most child-like of the group. Looks up to Nebula despite being beyond her in cosmic scope, much to the chagrin of Mandrake. Treats Mandrake like a father.
  • Moira
    • A Multiversial Lord. Fun-loving and free-spirited. She takes a shine to Nebula.


Concept Art

Worry Concept

Concept sketch for a portrait or battler for recurring sub-boss Worry. His carapace flips up to reveal an eye-like pattern, an allusion to the Misery-stare power (A "Worry-Stare," perhaps?).



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