In the days of Ancient Greece the Olympian demigod known as Heracles proved his worth by slaying the monster known as the Nemean Lion and fashioned from its hide a suit of armor worthy of the gods themselves.

Many centuries later the mystical artefact was uncovered by Pietus, who was seeking revenge against Random for stealing the twin wands of Wonder and Awe.

Taking the Nemean Lion's hide Pietus searched Earth for a suitable individual to deliver his "gift" to - it was then he came across the woman known as Dorothy Shells.

An abusive drunk and shameless misandrist with a record of violent crime Dorothy was in many ways the savage individual Pietus desired - manipulating events so that Dorothy would discover the hide and wear it.

At once filled with power Dorothy abandoned drink in favor of a new and highly addicting drug - that of combat, determined to show that a woman can be as dangerous as any man the new embodiment of the Nemean Lion is the Queen of her Urban Jungle and is willing to shred anyone who questions her reign to pieces..

Powers / Abilities

  • Nemean Lion Hide (the hide of the Nemean Lion grants its user superhuman strength, incredible speed, a prehensile tail, extendible claws capable of shredding thin steel, animalistic instincts and sense plus a virtually indestructible armor around their entire body (save the face) )



Advisor / Guardian / The Light / Children Of The Light / Light Keepers


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