the original Neo-Earth (now destroyed)

Neo-Earth is the the official name of The Voice's home-world after his rebirth as "Neo-Voice" in Judgement Day.

Although the planet was encased in a Techno-Organic Shield it was inhabited mainly by ordinary humans - the "Neo-Humans" being spread far and wide to act as the social elite and shock troops of the new and improved Golden Empire.

Neo-Earth was officially renamed following Judgement Day, however it had already been converted to a Techno-Organic state as far back as War on Peace - this was when the Voice first began experimenting with the Techno-Organic process, he did not start mass-conversion of living creatures until after the events of Omniwar however, his experiences as President Malcolm installing a new drive in him to create an "ascended" race of humans by which to rule all creation.

Following the apparent death of Neo-Voice the original Neo-Earth has been destroyed and all its previous inhabitants have been scattered across time and space in a strange last move by Neo-Voice to "save his people" from destruction - why he did this remains a mystery..


Original Techno-Organic Shield (the entire planet is now encased in a Techno-Organic Shield, effectively making the planet capable of regenerating from every "wound" it may recieve)


  • Planetary Force-Field
  • Planetary Anchor

Destruction and Rebirth


Neo-Earth (rebuilt by Utopia Voice)

Following its destruction Neo-Earth was rebuilt by "Utopia" Voice as an artificial construct containing an alternate-reality's Earth, ripped from its native universe and held into the Golden Empire's multiverse via an "anchor" that encases the planet in a massive force-field that stops anything from entering or escaping the planet without the permission of "Utopia" Voice.

It retains the name of "Neo-Earth" out of respect for Neo-Voice, despite the offer of freedom many of the original inhabitants of the first Neo-Earth have flooded to return to the new one, believing the Neo-Voice's actions to be a sacrifice and believing the "Utopia" Voice honors his spirit more than any of the other members of the Council of Voices.

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