Many centuries ago most of Europe was enslaved to the sadistic Pixies, who took delight in torturing men, women and children while forcing them into manual labor or worse for their own entertainment.

Nettle was amongst the most sadistic of the Pixies and her many slaves often died horribly under her "care" - she was so despised that when the Pixies were finally driven from the human world by the Fairies there were great feasts held to celebrate.

The Fairies cast a spell upon humanity to free them from the Pixies forever, making them believe all Fay to be legends - forgetting the cruel past and thus robbing the Pixies of an opportunity to return as all Fay depend on faith in order to enter the physical world.

In the modern age the Fairies spell has grown so strong that virtually no human alive truly believes the Pixies to be real, which has left Nettle infuriated - although she still has access to infinite other worlds she still longs for a return to Earth in order to punish humanity for daring to defy her people.

Pietus has become aware of this desire and has made attempts to ally with Nettle, for now however Pietus has failed to impress Nettle and suffered her wrath - which may be the only thing stopping an alliance which if successful could be apocalyptic in scale..

Powers / Abilities

  • Mistress of Magic (Nettle is perhaps the most powerful living sorceress in the multiverse - though this is debatable and depends greatly on her opponent at the time)
  • Multiversal Tyrant (Nettle is in command of infinite worlds - classing her as a multiversal tyrant (a dictator with control over a great many worlds) )
  • Lash of Pain (Nettle's whip can extend as far as she needs it in order to wrap around a target and either constrict them or drag them back towards her at incredible speed)
  • Collar of Control (Nettle's collar makes her words almost impossible to defy without mystic aid and amplifies her magic even further - to the point it can break through certain barriers)
  • Disc of Discipline (the Disc of Discipline can home in on a target and cut through any object in its path, once it locks onto a target it will not stop until it has fastened onto their neck: at which point it flies back towards Nettle like a boomerang)



Advisor / Guardian / The Light / Children Of The Light / Light Keepers


Pietus / Septic / Nettle / Nemean Lion

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