The Nuckelavee is a monstrous sea-demon that was commanded in centuries past by Fisherman to lay waste to the mystical undersea kingdom of Hildaland only to be defeated by the song of the Seal Maiden.

However many centuries later Fisherman would succeed in reviving the Nuckelavee and used it to enforce his will upon Hildaland once again, prompting the events of the "Message In A Bottle" storyarc.

Although not revealed until much later the Nuckelavee's origin lays with Balor and the Fomori - having once been the "pet" of the now degenerated pantheon but has since been abandoned to the oceans.


The Nuckelavee is a monstrous sea-demon with a number of incredible abilities and only one known weakness.

  • Tidal-Command (the Nuckelavee can command the ocean with such frightening potency that it can sink entire islands under the waves)
  • Pestilent-Breath (the Nuckelavee can breath a cloud of pestilence that withers plant-life, strikes livestock dead and inflicts disease upon mortals)
  • Regeneration (the Nuckelavee regenerates continually from any wound inflicted upon it)
  • Superhuman Strength (the Nuckelavee is a monstrous being with incredible strength, capable of uprooting boulders, trees and other large objects with ease)
  • Storm Summoning (the Nuckelavee can summon powerful storms that encompass large areas of land)
  • Revival (if the Nuckelavee is ever defeated it can be revived from the dead by those who know the proper rituals)

Note: The Nuckelavee is a very real creature of Orkney folklore - the monster that appears in my stories is a homage, for more information on the myth itself feel free to search the internet (it is quite fascinating, at least to me)