"This monster was of a different nature than the rest; it whispered, speaking into our hearts one at a time; "join me, and embrace your madness. Dance along to the call." Many of our comerades, maddened with fear, turned on us, now nothing more than mannequins; I remember the horror of having to slay many of my own former allies, now dancing to the maddening puppet strings of Nyarlathotep. And then I remembered that horrid fact; it had over a thousand masks, a thousand identities, that it could unleash upon our weakening band if it so chose... even in the midst of the fight, I could see that all of us were no more than puppets ourselves, dancing along to it's whims..."


Nyarlathotep is the only one of the Outer Gods who appears to have an initially sentient personality, which can be described as downright mischevious and evil. He serves Azathoth, but holds him and his other fellow Outer Gods in contempt.

Nyarlathotep is the one responsible for corrupting Morpheus, thus paving the way for the ruination of The Dreamlands.


Nyarlathotep consists of one-thousand individual bodies and personalities, linked to the same mind.


  • Puppetmaster
  • One-Thousand Masks
  • Cloak of Universal Darkness
  • Whispers of the Heart
  • Elder Sign Resistance

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