"the mutant, the witch, the demon.. these are but a few of the vile pestilence which corrupts the modern world.. so I say unto you: rise! rise against these sinners and drive them from our land!" ~ Oath

Oath is a disturbing case, a man who has convinced himself and many others that he is doing the work of God via the oppression of minorities which go against his own personal view of morality - unlike many hatemongers Oath takes his crusade one step further and actively engages in terrorism in order to strike fear into the hearts of those who he finds objectionable.

Perhaps most vile of all is how Oath, despite claiming to be deeply devote, has totally destroyed his own body and mind via a twisted fusion of technology and magic as well as a pact with "Those Who Dance In Shadow".

Powers / Abilities

Oath is a man capable of gathering many followers despite being a known terrorist, which makes him even more dangerous - in addition to his "Children" (armed terrorists) he has the following abilities:

  • Fist of Change (Oath's right-hand has been replaced by a large golden "glove" which is capable of functioning like a normal hand but burns at the flesh of those not of human heritage)
  • Silver Dagger (Oath carries a silver dagger with him at all times which has been "blessed" by the Watchers - making it sharper than normal)
  • Crown of Correction (Oath places a "Crown of Correction" on those his "Children" capture - this piece of dark magic basically turns them into mindless slaves in a similar process to mind-control)
  • Chains of Contempt (Oath also utilizes "Chains of Contempt" to break the minds and spirits of those his "Children" capture - these chains trap whoever they are bond to within vivid nightmares of past misdeeds)
  • Eye of Sin (Oath's left eye has been replaced by a device known as the "Eye of Sin" - which can emit a beam of hellfire at nearby enemies)
  • Watcher's Hymn (Oath has mastery over the Watcher's Hymn - which can lower the attack and defence of nearby enemies)


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