"I'm- I guess, I just want to be accepted..."


Olivia is the youngest of the four witches, Scyllia, Matilda, and Lily all being older than she. She did not get much time with Lily due to an early death, nor did she see her mother often before she was sealed beyond the Multiverse. She's been with Scyllia, who berates her for any tiny mishap that occurs and Matilda, who will not speak very often, leaving the three as a very estranged, yet somehow functional group.


She was born as the youngest, The Black Heart being connected to her at birth, though it could not corrupt her, as she was a child. She learned magic from Matilda and was taken in by Scyllia after Lily passed away and her mother was sealed.


Olivia is weak, in both personality and will, being constantly berated and hurt, beaten and handled roughly by her witch of a sister, Scyllia. Nevertheless, she follows Scyllia's schemes merely to appease her sister, hoping that one day she will be nicer to her. As such, even when in trouble, she will allow Scyllia to go through, beating Olivia at times within an inch of her life.

But due to her desire of being happy, she believes this only comes along if given time. Interestingly enough, Olivia believes the worlds to be much worse than Scyllia could ever be, due to a few statements that Scyllia has said. Her ignorance in this aspect leads her to believe that no one may be trusted, save for family.


  • Shadowkinesis - Tier IV
  • Pyrokinesis - Tier IV
  • Aquakinesis - Tier IV
  • Enhanced Durability - (Most likely due to Scyllia's 'punishments')
  • Regeneration - (Same as above)

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