Omega-Skull is the founder of the Skulls and a mutant who believes that it is the birth-right of all mutants to openly abuse their powers and wants to make the world a more anarchic place where the strongest individuals rule over the weaker.


Omega-Skull was born to a poor family in the inner-city and became involved with crime from an early age - his parents neglected him greatly so his criminal behaviour rarely went punished and as a result he grew worse with age: when his abilities started to surface at puberty he began to embrace and abuse them almost instantly, striking fear into others he quickly formed a gang of fellow-minded thugs that would eventually form into the Skulls over the years.

As he grew older his attitude never improved and he began travelling from town to town picking fights with others and recruiting as many mutants and genetic-experiments as he could into the Skulls - securing a warehouse as a base for the organisation via ousting the previous residents (a group of Ferals).

Omega-Skull has had numerous run-ins with Freedom-Striker and views him as both a worthy opponent and a thorn in his side, though Freedom-Striker doesn't seem to view him as that big of a threat - however his greatest enemy is the disfigured antihero known as Blight: who has been responsible for the deaths of several prominent Skulls and seems to have a personal grudge against Omega-Skull for unknown reasons.

Despite the increase in superhuman beings rivalling or even surpassing his own power Omega-Skull remains confident that in the end he and the Skulls will prevail - after all he is safe in the knowledge that in his own mind at least he will always be the strongest around.

Appearance In The Villains RPG Universe

Omega-Skull has so far only appeared in the Freedom-Striker / Liberator story "Tough Love" but shall play a more important role in the upcoming Superhuman War saga that will make up the first portion of Era II and lead the way to Time Wars.


Physicaly Omega-Skull is of average build and stands in at 6ft in height - he has blonde hair which is shaven and green eyes with a birthmark on his neck that resembles a loveheart - he dresses in a red stealth-suit with images of a skull on both shoulders and his chest.


Omega-Skull has the ability to temporarily blind opponents via touch - this makes him a dangerous individual to get up close to and renders hand-to-hand combat especially risky: his ability is known to work on all but the most powerful of superhuman beings and tends to last for a maximum of 2 hours.

  • Induce Blindness (the ability to cause temporary (or even permanent) loss of vision in a victim, via superhuman or mystical means)

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