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Oni Queen (theme)

"Few things are as sweet as the taste of a mother's tears, searching for the child she can never replace.. or the sound of a starving peasant begging for scraps.. the things they will do in exchange for my aid.. oh how I love it.."

Onibaba is a major antagonist of Book 4, starting with the Oni Quest - she is a hateful Yōkai who has shown herself to be an enemy of both the human and Yōkai world.


Onibaba is an ancient and unspeakable evil that transcends existence - a monster that has gone by many names but always united under a common goal: to destroy the world around herself and spread misery, hate and destructive chaos wherever she may manifest.

She is the favored "daughter" (symbolic title) of Izanami and thus one of the most terrible of the Yōkai enforcers, though she still pays briefly respect to Kagutsuchi.

Powers / Abilities

  • Immortality (as one of the Yōkai Onibaba is unable to grow old nor die under normal circumstances)
  • Dimensional-Bending (as one of the Yōkai Onibaba is able to open portals between realities and move between them as easily as opening a door, in fact Yōkai portals often manifest as traditional shōji doors)
  • Oni Queen (Onibaba is the dreaded "Oni Queen", supreme mistress of darkness and in many ways a near-omnipotent force of raw power within her environment - this coupled with her Tengu Spirit make her a being who has become the "wicked witch" of Yōkai mythology)
  • Tengu Spirit (within Onibaba is an even darker power known as the Tengu Spirit, this power is said to allow Onibaba to command other Yōkai and bend them to her whim)

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