Opal is the younger twin daughter of Ruby and Deathwalker. She seems to take after her father in appearance. Strangely, Unlike either of her parents, Opal bears the appearance of an angel, with wings and halo to boot.

Between herself and her twin brother Lucas, Opal is the gentler, kinder, and more soft-spoken one. She is both incredibly intelligent and highly empathetic, but is also terribly shy and timid. Opal spends much of her time in the Blade Headquarters daycare as a young child, as her parents are often busy, and that the Blade Headquarters is perhaps the best place to hide children from the likes of Malacoda, who still holds a grudge against Deathwalker. As she and Lucas grew older, they both began to develop their divine powers; Opal found herself with a greater amount of power, yet is unable to fully control it. Upon being controlled by her powers, Opal becomes senseless as her powers begin to lash out at anything present until her energy is depleted.


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