Orbus is a robot native to a reality that was consumed by the Sie Fürchten Fürchten and manged to escape thanks to a temporal anomaly, it would thus find itself stranded in a universe it no longer belonged and would make its debute in Ghosts of Time.

Orbus is unique as far as most A.I. go in that it is a non-humanoid robot roughly the size of an average human being's palm - yet is capable of learning and adapting to a vast array of environments : it lacks a voice but can communicate with beeps, whistles and other noises.

Orbus would eventually form a close bond with Kindle, the pair both being examples of individuals who have survived the impossible - due to Kindle's continuous efforts Orbus is considered a fully sentient A.I. and is thus granted the same rights as a human being under Section 190 of the Virtual Rights Bill set up after War On Peace.

Powers / Abilities

  • Decay Bolt (Orbus can emit a bolt of red energy from its "eye" that deteriorates inorganic substance, causing it to "rot" rapidly)
  • Hot Barrage (Orbus has an in-built flamethrower that can emit an extremely hot flame capable of melting some alloys)
  • Energy Absorption (Orbus can absorb small amounts of energy from varied sources in order to repair and/or power itself)

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