Order is one of the seven main Secrets, who uphold Balance within the universe. His counterpart is the Secret of Chaos.

Backstory Significance

Through defying his own nature and the Balance set by the Secrets, Order has unintentionally helped with three of the disasters wrought upon the universe; the rise of Temeres, the corruption of Arbiter, and the birth of the Secret of Control. It would take countless years for this imbalance to be corrected.

First Transgression: Temeres

Order, fed up with the staticness of his nature, discovered Temeres, an outcast prodigy of a sorcerer. Although it was against his nature to feel emotion, Order befriended Temeres and brought him to the Castle of the Secrets. Temeres would later discover the cursed sword in the Castle of the Secrets, which never would have happened if Order hadn't brought him there

Second Transgression: Arbiter

Taking pity on Ryou, and hoping to restore the Balance of the Universe, Order did something forbidden among the Secrets; offering to relieve Ryou's emotional pain, Order gave him his power. This resulted in Ryou becoming "Arbiter", and losing all of his emotion. Arbiter, in seeking to restore the Universe's Order, began to destroy entire worlds. This however, did not restore Order; in fact, it spread Chaos, throwing the Balance of the Universe off even further. After Arbiter obtained the power of Chaos and therefore, the Balance, the Secret of Control was formed, a being never meant to exist. The Secret of Control saw that the Universe was filled with too much Chaos, and decided to wipe the universe clean, and then restore it with pure and total Order.

Control quickly took over the seven Secrets and began to "purify" the universe, much like Arbiter had done previously. It took the combined efforts of Arbiter, Inferno, Tueor, Rune, Drasocon, Ruichi, Nebula, and Saber to stop Control, and release the Secrets from his grip. The Universe still remained in imbalance, and Arbiter made it his duty to use his powers to restore Balance, as penance for his previous sins.


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Castle of the Secrets

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