Note: This article is about an unreleased character, and just about everything on this page is subject to possible changes.


Orpheus concept

Orpheus is the main antagonist of the upcoming game project Villains: Nemesis, which is currently under development by Deathwalker 13000 and Inferno Pendragon.

Created by Malovus and Gepetto with assistance from Eclipse, Orpheus was designed to be a tool for several of the darker and more powerful villains within the Multiverse. After collecting DNA and fragments of power from a number of demigods and heroes, such as Arbiter, Inferno, Amnesty, and Red, Orpheus was successfully brought to life within Malovus' Laboratory.

Orpheus is known to possess an unearthly beautiful but haunting singing voice. More will be revealed as progress on the game development continues, and certain aspects of backstory are subject to change.


Orpheus possesses child-like curiosity and a desire to learn about and understand the world. However, this notion becomes corrupted as a number of villains try to use him to suit their own purposes, including The Voice, Arodnap, Eclipse, Misery, Alistaires, Gepetto, and Malovus.

Orpheus was created from the genetic material and powers of a number of demigods. He possesses a fit build, golden eyes, long brown hair, and black wings.

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