A Modified Yin Yang Symbol - often utilized by Pandemonium and her followers.

Pandemonium is the ruler of the Heaven of Evil and an embodiment of chaos in its most unpredictable form - manifesting as a gigantic anthropomorphic female panda her power is beyond measure and she dwarves beings such as Mr. Odd by such magnitude that she is said to hold the equivelent of "a thousand universes" in the palm of her hands.

Pandemonium is neither a hero nor a villain, often antagonistic due to her alien way of thinking she is nevertheless a driving force of the cosmos as she is both the Destroyer and Creator of entire universes - her endless "dance of death and rebirth" being pivotal to the evolution of reality as we know it.

Character Bio

Pandemonium has existed longer than the universe and was responsible for the destruction and creation of countless realities in her eternal "dance" - which has become the stuff of legends and myth, with some seeking to utilize her destructive side to destroy their enemies while others seek to utilize her power of rebirth to undo great evils or revive loved ones.

Pandemonium can be the ultimate nightmare - an unstoppable force of devasation, or she can be the ultimate salvation - a godlike bringer of life and restoration.. no matter her purpose one is always taking a risk seeking out her power as she is a being of pure chaos who is as likely to destroy those who seek her aid as she is to aid them..


  • Ankes - this advanced civilization, hailing from Ankete, are known as Pandemonium worshipers.
  • Laywalkers - this semi-divine race of ursine are considered devote worshippers of Pandemonium and, due to their appearance, her own creations.


  • Dance Of Destruction (Pandemonium can unleash unlimited destruction via dancing, inducing anything from natural disasters and wars to universal implosions - all events happen at random and have virtually no limit)
  • Dance Of Rebirth (Pandemonium can unleash unlimited restoration via dancing, undoing damage caused by small-scale disasters or universal destruction - she can even revive entire universes at a whim)
  • Chrono-Lock (Pandemonium exists outside time or space and can not die - even if multiple universes were to be destroyed she would be able to exist in such a way she could function without damage: due to her being out of touch with mainstream reality she can also see into the past, present or future of any character she comes across)

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