Para is the twin brother of Dox and together they form the "Paradox Twins" - he has appeared briefly in Lord Of Illusion while his sister made her debute in Flipside.


Both Para and Dox are beings born of an alternate time-line in which Inferno Pendragon fathered young with Aither only to be killed by the machinations of Ebonscale - the two continue to exist despite the radical changes in the mainstream time-line that should of by all rights erased them from existence.

Para takes after his mother and represents the more ordered side of the duo but like his sister is also extremely volatile - being trapped forevermore in a state of limbo both he and Dox seek ways to protect and manage multiple time-lines.. not always caring of the methods used to do so.

Lord Of Illusion

Para appears briefly in Lord Of Illusion, fighting against Pietus.


The "Paradox Twins" will be making an appearance in the upcoming saga "Monsters" alongside their mother, Aither, and a host of other Pendragon characters..

The Forgotten

Para and Dox become involved in the strange events of "The Forgotten".


  • Time-Manipulation (Para exists outside the normal limits of time and can manipulate it to his will, allowing him to travel to the past, present or future of varied time-lines as well as exist in total "limbo": allowing him to survive the destruction of entire time-lines.)
  • Energy-Absorption (Para can absorb near-limitless amounts of energy from multiple sources)
  • Energy-Manipulation (Para can manipulate stored energy in the form of beams, bolts, constructs and more)
  • Technology-Savant (Para can create infinitely complex technology out of seeming junk - the limits of which is unknown even to himself)
  • Paradox Fusion (Para can merge with Dox when pushed to his limit, becoming Paradox)
  • Perun Blade (as a Knight of Pendragon Para is the guardian of Perun's Blade, a mystic sword blessed by Perun himself that resembles a greatsword made of solid stone - capable of localized tremors and limited stone structures)


  • when merged as Paradox the twins carry both Odin's Blade and Perun's Blade - this trait is common amongst "true" Pendragons.. who are known to be able to carry two blades at once, a trait that puts them in high regard even amongst skilled swordsmen as it is usually impossible to carry more than one "Mystic Blade" at a time.