"From this moment onward all sadness is a criminal offence - there shall be no crying, no frowning, no complaining.. I want to see smiles on every face and I want to hear laughter.. well.. okay.. screaming is acceptable too.. lots of it.." ~ Kane (forming the "Party Police")

The "Party Police" are upcoming antagonists in the crisis "Wrath of The Watchers" - created by Kane as the elite kill-squad of his altered Chaos World, they are made out of the most psychotic and dangerous criminals in the mainstream world, many of which are given (temporary) upgrades by Kane.


The Party Police exist to enforce Kane's anarchic "laws" in Chaos World - as well as act as his enforcers when attempting to take over other realities:

Kane's Rules

  1. No Crying
  2. No Frowning
  3. No Complaining

The preferred punishment for anyone breaking one of Kane's rules is immediate execution - making the Party Police very much a literal kill-squad responsible for untold carnage.

Later versions of the group simply exist to "have fun" - usually by causing chaos and destruction.

PARTY POLICE I (Event Horizon)


PARTY POLICE III (Distant Future)


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