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Pathos' Theme

Pathos is a young woman who gained the blessing of both the Dark Ones and the Gentle Ones, however her blessing came with a terrible price and she became emotionally scarred to the point of temporary insanity: spending some time in a cruel psychiatric ward for superhumans (in reality little more than a research faculty) she was eventually able to master her "gifts" enough to escape her prison and regain some control over her fractured mind.

Pathos is still a volatile individual who very much embodies the full emotional spectrum, yet due to her troubled past she is only able to tap into a tiny amount of her full potential..

Pathos has a dark, troubled past - which is revealed in Fractured Dreams.

Powers / Abilities

Pathos has the ability to tap into the emotional spectrum, making other experience anything from intense pleasure to overwhelming grief and fear: she physically alters in regard to her dominant personality at the time, her mind is shattered and thus she continually shifts between personalities and can be extremely volatile as a result. Her abilities only work on a single target at a time and due to their nature only work on living creatures (since most machines do not feel emotion).

When in complete control of her sanity Pathos can function as a Tier VII - Class III but often manifests at much lower levels due to her inability to properly focus her talents, at her most crazed she regresses to Tier II.

  • Cosmic Awareness (this character is aware of higher and lower planes of existence in multiple universes and can also see past and furture events in multiple realities - however they can not control this link and thus it often manifests as chaotic visions and dreams akin to madness, allows one to "break the 4th wall").
  • Empathic Manipulation (this character can manipulate emotions)
  • Empathic Transformation (this character can alter their physical form in relation to their emotional state)


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