The Pauci were an ancient race known for there peaceful nature. The existence of the race was very short as an unknown event took place and the entire race was eraticated. Only one of that race exists today and that is Trickster.


The Pauci are a race evolved from humans. There physical characteristics are exactly the same. The only difference is in how the brain works for the Pauci. The brains of the Pauci are much more active in every fashion, and there brainpower is so high that they can use magic and for some, control matter.

Reason for Elimination

After roughly 175 years of exsistence humans saw the potential of the Pauci and banded together to kill them. Every man, women, and child. Mercilessly they slaughter the thousands that lived peacefully, the ones that would never hurt anyone, as they were known as a peaceful race. Yet, many leaders of the Earth decided that there potential was so great that if one of evil cam around that they would be doomed. They deemed it best to end the race at the next possible moment that they could.


Pauci is a latin word meaning few or less. The name relates to the speices due to the fact that it was a blossoming race and not many of them exsisted.

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