Pride is a member of The Outsiders and acted as a vessel for Misery herself, as a result he saw himself as superior to all save for Wrath - after Misery's sacrifice in the Shadow of Death Pride lost some of his confidence and went along with Wrath's idea to ally with Evil, at which point he was once again given an ego boost due to his "upgrade" and now sees himself as the strongest of the Outsiders, competing with Wrath for position as leader.

Following his conversion to a follower of Evil herself Pride gained a demonic appearance resembling a living mass of empathic energy.



  • Empathic Reversal (Pride has the incredibly dangerous power to reverse the emotional state of his victims, turning would be aggressors non-violent or driving usually peaceful people into a frenzy: thankfully he is rather inept at using this power and is further dragged down by his own arrogance)


  • Empathic Reversal (see above)
  • Empathic Existence (Pride now exists as a mass of empathic energy, making him extremely difficult to harm and amplifying his Empathic Reversal further than it could be in his original state)