Randolph Carter is a capable Dreamer, and is known as the explorer who both discovered the Kingdom of Kadath and escaped Nyarlathotep. He would later take up the Staff of Light and lead a massive army of demigods, Dreamers, and sorcerers into The Dreamlands in hopes of subduing the Outer Gods. In the end, nearly all died, and the very few that remained, including himself, were broken in mind and spirit; however, his mission managed to seal the Outer Gods into their slumber. Such a feat did not come without a heavy price, after all.

After his mission, a broken-minded Carter returned to Earth, was deemed a lunatic for his trouble, and was locked in an asylum for the rest of his life. During his stay in the sanitorium, Carter made a number of vividly detailed sketches of the monsters that resided in the Dreamlands.

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