"Some people laugh at the misfortune of others, few laugh at their own misfortune however.. funny that.. personally I laugh at the misfortune of those who would take pleasure in the suffering of others - call it what you will, I have my reasons.." ~ Random

was once an ordinary human but became a Light Keeper at an early age, unlike the other Light Keepers she was never one to follow the strict rules of Order when lives were at risk - putting her into conflict with some of the Children of the Light.

This conflict would increase further after she donned the persona of Random, following a raid on Pietus' lair - however the Light decreed her to be a servant despite her "dangerous" ideas and thus she remains one of the Light's champions despite the fact she is more impulsive than her superiors and somewhat of a vigilante, who terrorizes those who do harm to innocents via pranks and mischief, she has developed an especially deep hatred for Pietus due to the events of Carnival of Lights and the two are very much archenemies even to this day.


Carnival of Lights

Return of The Sky Castle

Powers / Abilities

  • Wands Of Wonder & Awe (grant her near-omnipotent reality-warping capabilities that rival the Light itself, though she would never dream of utilizing it against the Light due to her reverence of the deity: in the hands of a being like Pietus however these twin wands could spell the destruction of the Children Of The Light : due to the vast energy they possess the twin wands require regular recharging via the process known as Light Anchoring , which takes 2 to 3 hours to complete and must be done every 2 weeks, during this time Random is very vulnerable.)



Advisor / Guardian / The Light / Children Of The Light / Light Keepers


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