Red Dusk is an organization of twelve Secrets, each of whom are Artificials, bent upon the creation or destruction of other dimensions. Preferring to not destroy The Multiverse, and instead set their sights on afterlives and other off dimensions, in a way to assimilate them into the Multiverse. Most notably is the idea of the fusion of Anu-Oie's mechanical world, and displacing it's mechanical dimension in a pocket of open space in the Multiverse. Thus rendering Anu-Oie's ability to have defeated Secrets reside within useless, effectively meaning a Secret could be defeated countless times, yet return countless times, with no one million year intervals after defeat.

Most notably, they have a preference to Earth, due to the amount of Destiny Force, which attracts Artificials more than normal Secrets.

Members of Red Dusk (All are equal, though Souls is the true Leader):

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