Osprey (Pandion haliaetus) with fish, in Morro Bay, CA

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Aves of Mana

There are six embodiments of Mana. Each embodiment represents a different type of magic: death/darkness, life/light, nature/growth, chaos/willpower, control/intelligence, and void/machine.

While they refrain from most interaction with mortal beings, it is not uncommon for them to help those they deem worthy.

Carn - vulture- Death: embodies all magic that deals with sacrifice and malice.

Herb - dove- Life: embodies all magic that deals with healing and protection.

Howl - hummingbird- Nature: embodies all magic that deals with growth and evolution.

Blaze - raven- Chaos: embodies all magic that deals with unstability and bursts of power.

Null - owl- Void: embodies all magic that deals with machines and all that is null.


Reef is embodiment of knowledge, and extends his powers to those who their magics to construct and control.

He can not speak by usual means, and must do so telepathically. Instead of hearing a voice in their head though, the recipients own thoughts are warped to match what he is trying to communicate. The effect this achieves is not a form of brainwashing, but rather a level of understanding of what was being said. Many people may receive the message, and not even know that the hawk was speaking to them.

While he has full access to his powers, he usually refrains from using them at all... expecially in battle. He is much more likely to lend his allies some of his powers... This is not because he cannot fight however.

If he takes a liking to an individual, he will often sit upon their shoulder and wait patiently. You will know you are truely trusted, or highly regaurded, if he forms a (temporary) bond with you. While connected like this, both individuals can communicate freely with one another. When this happens, the other can just as easily see his thoughts as he can see theirs. This takes a great deal of trust on his part, because his mind archives most of the knowledge in the universe, expecially those dealing with spells and tomes.


Rejection: He can distort and nullify increases in power to stop attacks before they even happen. The user of the attack will still be as fatigued as if they had preformed the attack.

Bird of Prey: He has all the heightened senses that comes with being animal.

Telepathy: He can communicate with his mind. This power could potentially be used to brainwash an individual by inserting thoughts into another's mind.

Intelegence: He is knowledgable about most, if not all, things.

Bond: Can create a mental link between two individuals.

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