The Resistance is an organization originally dedicated to bringing down the Court of Red and have always been led by Rose - however for a long time the organization was also being manipulated from the inside by Dormouse and Robin Goodfellow into becoming pawns for The Hatter.

After being set free from the Hatter's influence the Resistance would become a more neutral faction in regards to the Court of Red and folk heroes both in Wonderland and later in the post-Shift era.

Current Members

Former Members


Court Of The Red Queen


Resistance - Blood Rose

Resistance - If The Shoe Fits

Resistance - The Flock

Post-Shift Era



Rose / Resistance / Equis / Para / Dox / Murk / Maria


Jack Of All Trades / Doctor Foster / Crimson / Carmine / Simon / Whitepaw / Gepetto / The Hatter / Dormouse / Robin Goodfellow

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