"War is the most effective way of establishing order within a space of time, I myself, have lead plenty, and with my tactical wits and notable abilities, you'd stand no chance against me. Though, my kind sir, I do find your skillful qualities quite remarkable."

~Revival/War, who led during a war back on the planet Thyria

The Secret of Revival and War is a powerful entity risen from ages of strife and countless fighting, normally in appearance, it dons a blood red cloak with the wings of an angel on it's sides. Though has a second appearance this one resembling flames of anger and hatred, referring to his ability to cause strife and War.

War made his first appearace in the Storyarc Bad Luck, being one of the four main antagonists of the Bad Luck Saga. His power seemingly being the prominant of the quartet, his tendency to fight with his army seemingly always ends out with him fighting Hecate, whom he deems high respect for, though grows annoyed with her ability to summon phantoms to fight his army of the undead.


Though not much is known, Revival was once a Secret by himself, hidden throughout Thyria. War in his search for power, same across Revival and after a fight, War absorbed the Secret of Revival into himself, creating the Revival/War fusion today.


Revival/War is a very honorable Secret, tending to wait until others are prepared for battle. He rarely ever argues and is a patient type. If he stricly believes in something, he will follow it all the way to his own death and will not let one stand in his way. Many underesitmate his knowledge, and he normally sees this as their own downfall that they have paved for themselves.


  • Necromancy
  • Fires of War - Almost like a way to assist the masses in a fight, moreso his own reanimated dead, boosting his army's own strength, power, and will to continue fighting
  • Flight - Unlike most Secrets, he cannot float on his own, and must use wings to keep to the air
  • Revival - He does not use this ability, due to the chance of Revival being able to free himself by the calling of his power

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