(the sequel to Rise of The Voice, taking place after the destruction of Colony-I and detailing the last days of Voice's world before its transformation into the Golden Empire)


2.4 billion lives had ended in under a minute, an entire planet had become barren and unsuitable for life - the very essence of Creation shook as one man's order had succeeded in ending rebellion before it could even surface.

That very man now stood alone, looking out from a balcony to a riot below - hundreds of citizens had gathered primitive tools and tried to protest the "atrocity" of Colony-I's massacre, yet even as they spat and shouted legions of heavily armored soldiers dressed in black marched forward and beat down resistance with ease.

The man above watched as several uniformed soldiers dragged screaming protesters across the ground and beat them without mercy before dragging them into large hover-trucks that soon flew off into the distance, some of the trucks even flew low over the crowds to disperse rioters and allow soldiers to more easily attack.

"It has been three days, the riots are dying down but the citizens are still restless.. begin work on compulsory tech-implants, I want every free citizen to be linked within the year - I also require more rigorous searches of civilian homes for any tools that could be used to support this foolish uprising.. any citizen caught with such tools will be sentenced to ten years in the Penal Legion.." the figure declared, speaking into a near-invisible com-link attached to his ear, yet still looking down at the masses without emotion.

" not forget to increase the presence of the Screaming Legion and the Doomsayer Cult.. the Screaming Legion can install fear and the Doomsayers can provide false hope.. both will crush the spirit of these so-called "rebels".. they will beg for the return of order when I give them a taste of "anarchy".." the figure continued, eyes narrowing slightly as a rioter threw a rock at a soldier, only to be caught in a net that sparked with electricity, causing the rioter to fall to the ground, trashing in visible pain as a group of soldiers dragged them, net and all, towards a waiting hover-truck.

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