"The Multiverse, what a wondrous place... Brimming with life, carefree and beautiful... The Multiverse, what a pathetic wasteland... Festering with disgusting creatures and rotting from the inside out..."


Rod is a inter-dimensional being who created dimensions, or assisted at the time with the creation of such things. In his first appearance, he comes across as a rude intellectual who berates others. He continually forgets things, yet hosts a game show based on certain places of The Multiverse. It is unknown exactly what he is or where he came from, but due to events long ago, he no longer resides in the Multiverse, and instead only travels about it when he sees fit.


RoD has, for the longest time, been an assistant to Seya, protecting and acting very much like a secretary to Seya. He also at some point came into contact with other gods, and tends to be a servant to said gods he meets.


He's normally a condescending individual, who only cares for himself or at least appears to. In actuality, he's a kind, gentle soul with a tendency to still do bodily harm for the expense of some laughs. He also normally berates others if they act like an idiot or do not know something they should, though he picks on Saizir quite a bit.

In the end, he appears to have a Heart of Gold, though acts like a complete jerk all the time, making others having a hard time liking him. Yet while they sit there in their fit of rage, he's busy trying to help the Multiverse, what he also decides to call a wasteland.


  • Reality-Warping Class B
  • Stellakinesis - Tier III
  • Enhanced Intelligence
  • Technokinesis - Tier IV
  • Technology-Savant
  • Electrokinesis - Tier IV
  • Psychic Shield
  • Intangibility
  • Seya's Sight - Given from Seya to RoD
  • Offering to Oblivion

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