Robin Goodfellow was a member of the Resistance and unlike the others was aware of the true nature of Dormouse - in fact he had happily worked alongside the creature for years in exchange for what he believed would be power and wealth in the "kingdom to come": he was the only member of the Resistance who did not rebel against The Hatter and became one of the main antagonists of "The Court Of The Red Queen".


Powers / Abilities

  • Archer
  • Trick Arrows
  • Poison Master


  • Robin Goodfellow was one of the inspirations for Robin Hood, yet while humanity remembers him as a heroic outlaw the true nature of Robin is that of a shameless sociopath who enjoys killing : the idea of him stealing from the rich and giving to the poor likely stemed from confusion with another Robin Hood figure (the legendary ancestor of Nathan from the Codex universe).



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