Ruffian was once a good friend of Freedom-Striker and a fellow mutant, however Ruffian was in many ways a thug at heart and eventually betrayed his friend's trust by joining the Skulls - making him an enemy of Freedom-Striker and his allies.


Living in the streets Ruffian was always mistreated, even as a child, due to his obvious mutation - which left him with extreme deformities and made him somewhat slow-witted: eventually he would befriend a travelling Freedom-Striker when the antihero fought off a gang of thugs who were beating on Ruffian and the two became close friends - with Freedom-Striker teaching Ruffian many fighting-techniques and entrusting him with knowledge about his past and future, including his love-interest in the Liberator.

As the years past Freedom-Striker and Ruffian 's friendship began to fall apart as Ruffian gave in to his savage side more and more, the final straw came for Freedom-Striker when Ruffian joined the Skulls and ever since the two have been at war with one another.

Appearance In The Villains RPG Universe

Ruffian's first appearance was in Big Game, where he served as one of the main antagonists - he will appear in the upcoming New Kids On The Block saga with a minor role to play.


Ruffian is as agile as an athlete, slightly faster and stronger than a normal human, can recover from injury better than most humans and has little intelligence but great protection against psychic-assaults. His skin is also akin to sandpaper and can cut or graze exposed flesh rather easily.


Physically Ruffian is mishapen with a large head, enlongated arms and short legs as well as bumpy skin that is as rough as sandpaper and pale, he stands in at 5ft 2in in height and has no body-hair whatsoever, his eyes are pink like an albino and he wears nothing more than a pair of worn-down jeans held in place by an old belt.

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