Rune is the hero of the Eminent War series.


For the longest time, humans thought themselves unimportant in the grand scheme of the cosmos. They thought of their race as insignificant and weak in many ways. But all of that changed one day, when a strange light appeared in every city, in every state, in every country in the world. The light spoke in many different languages to be understood by the various people, but its message was the same: "Humans. Long have you thought yourselves weak and unimportant. Often times, you have even demonized yourselves. But I come forth to tell you what humans really are and were always meant to be. You, humans, are the gods of the Earth. In spite of your shortcomings, most of you are benevolent and gentle. And all because you choose to be. Please, do not think of yourselves as insignificant and evil anymore. For it is simply not the truth."

After that, mankind developed a slightly better self-esteem. It was around that time a group of scientists discovered a large planet named "Belladore" by the inhabitant species. The species looked very much like humans, except they all possessed gray eyes and small gray warts on their noses. The scientists studied the species extensively, and learned that the species called themselves quipps. They also learned something quite disturbing about the race. Quipps appeared to be quite cruel and mean-spirited in nature. They often bullied, humiliated, and terrorized one another. It was true that humans occasionally did the same, but the quipps were far worse. In addition to tormenting one another, they often polluted tha planet of Belladore, seemingly on purpose. Their intelligence level appeared to be about the same as mankind's. However, they also appeared to have less physical strength, and far less stamina than humans. The scientists released their findings to the public, and a worldwide debate sparked over whether or not humans should do something about the quipps' atrocious actions.

It was around this time that a young lady discovered a classmate's plan to enslave the quipps, as he deemed them to be deserving of such a punishment. This young lady took pity on the quipps, and came to their defense on Belladore. She became known as Rune.


Rune possesses the power of fire. She obtained these powers from a laboratory which generated serums that could give humans superpowers.


Final Fantasy IX OST - Feel My Blade02:43

Final Fantasy IX OST - Feel My Blade

Main Theme

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Zelda's lullaby (original)

Romance Theme

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