Salesman is one of Corporation X 's most devoted salespersons - having voluntarily had his facial structure removed he is the living embodiment of our sales ethos: to be anonymous, our customers in general can see the benefit of a faceless corporation doing what is right for them.. those who do not are sadly under the delusion that a company should be transparent and open with the public, this is a dangerous lie spread by those people you dislike (yes, *those* guys).

Salesman doesn't want *those* guys to win so has selflessly sacrificed his own identity to become one with Corporation X and provide you with unrivalled opportunities to spend your hard earned money and feel great doing so.

Salesman will pursue new customers across any time-line, dimension or world necessary to secure a deal and should you find yourself in need of a little "boost" for your own business or family Salesman can provide you with our latest security offers and mercenary deals.

As an added bonus to securing a deal with Salesman you and your loved ones can rest easy knowing Salesman has complete authority to provide you with a free "upgrade" to one of Corporation X's residental communities: new customers are reminded that should they be lucky enough to recieve this upgrade it is mandatory as their current home will be burnt down in order to clear room for future Shop X stores.

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