Sangria's Tower (often refered to as The Tower) is a magical tower that acts as the safehaven for Sangria following the events of Endgame - it was created by utilizing the combined powers and magic of Red's allies and was one of the most impressive sanctuaries in the multiverse.

Sangria would spend a lot of her time in the Tower with frequent visits from her mother, father and other kin - yet it would be Maria and Murk who would spend the most time with Sangria as they were trusted by Red and Inferno to guard their child day and night as well as provide her with company.

Following the events of Paint It Red however Sangria was taken from Wonderland by Red and placed into the care of Equis - Sangria's Tower was scheduled for destruction but was mysteriously removed from the castle and moved to Avalon, where it would remain for some time.


The Tower consists of a long spiralling staircase leading to a large room with many windows as well as several mirrors, a bed, a rest-room and several chairs - a large chest also sits in the room which housesmany toys, clothes and accessories (this chest would later store memories of her past, such as her father's (infamous) royal hat and her mother's iconic red hood).


(feel free to add any enchantments you may envision your character(s) placing on the Tower)

  • Rigid Order - Arbiter imbued the tower with the power of Order as a means of defense, negating any magical attack hurled toward it and holding firm against physical bombardment.
  • Lashing Chaos - Arbiter imbued the tower with the power of Chaos as a means of offense against those who would attack it, striking out with cosmic energy at those who seek to harm Sangria.
  • Happiness Charm - Nebula cast a piece of magic on the tower that would make Sangria's days within it generally happy ones.
  • Dragon Vine - Inferno released "Dragon Vine" on the outside of the Tower, this plant grows incredibly fast without being destructive to the structure of the Tower and emits a scent that attracts dragons of varied types, needless to say the presence of said dragons would deter many would-be-attackers. (note: upon being moved to Avalon the Dragon Vine was removed by orders of Equis, against Sangria and Murk's wishes)

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