Sangria is the daughter of the late Inferno Pendragon and Queen Red - as the future heir of both Avalon and Wonderland she has a lot to contend with, though she has aid from Equis and the inhabitants of Avalon as well as the Resistance.

Sangria (Confirmed Stories)

  1. New Life (birth)
  2. Endgame (3 years old)
  3. Monsters (8 years old)
  4. Paint It Red (9 years old)
  5. Wolves At The Door (13 years old)
  6. Mother Knows Best (14 years old)
  7. SIM City <crossover with SIM> (17 years old)
  8. Karma and Sangria - Dream House (18 years old)
  9. The Oblivion Initiative (19 years old)
  10. Unspeakable (21 years old)
  11. Shadow of The Red Queen (23 years old)
  12. Black Oni <crossover with Yōkai Tales> (25 years old)

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