Santa Claus is the spirit of Christmas and a legendary being found in countless folklore from across the multiverse, he will be making an appearing in the festive story known as A Betwixt Christmas.


Santa Claus is the spirit of Christmas and one of Caprice's many creations - though he is generally seen as an independent force: despite being referred to as the spirit of Christmas Santa can also exist in worlds and realities where Christmas is not directly celebrated, taking new names and guises but always exhibiting the legendary traits of goodwill, cheer and general benevolence.



Powers / Abilities

  • Muppets Christmas Carol It feels like christmas - music video-002:39

    Muppets Christmas Carol It feels like christmas - music video-0

    Immortality (Santa Claus is the spirit of Christmas and exists within the hearts of children and adults alike, as long as people continue to celebrate the ideals of Christmas (such as goodwill, cheer and general benevolence) Santa Claus shall continue to exist)
  • Shape-Shifting (although in the modern era Santa tends to keep a recognizable form he can take any shape he desires)
  • Dimensional-Control (Santa can control dimensional-space, as well as his own pocket-dimension - this coupled with his reality-warping abilities gives the illusion of relative omnipotence (commonly known as "magic"). This is how his sack can "carry" seemingly endless amounts of gifts, being a portable gateway to his Workshop, which is filled with gifts tailored to each individual (see omniscience section). )
  • Reality-Warping (Santa is a relatively talented reality-warper, the exact limits of which are unknown - common phenomena he manifests are the creation of flying sleighs, talking reindeer, festive backdrops and a general aura of goodwill)
  • Omniscience (Santa knows the name and history of virtually all beings in the multiverse as well as at least some of their basic desires, at least those that celebrate Christmas or share its ideals: he famously utilizes this knowledge to make his "naughty" and "nice" list, which determines how he will share out his gifts.)

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