Sara Lott is a character from the Pathos mythos, a member of staff from Valley High Sanatorium and a very enigmatic woman who seems to have many sinister secrets..


From Pathos: Down The Rabbit Hole

"Sara Lott has a job few would envy, being the "caretaker" of dead and dying patients - due to their superhuman abilities many of Valley High's patients are incinerated within the Sanatorium and although the practice is controversial it is also extended to non-superhuman patients transfered to the faculty.

Sara Lott performs the necessary examinations of patients, fills out the paperwork and ultimately incinerates them: each and every patient is recorded in her "Book of Death" and few outside the higher-staff have access to her secluded area.

Rumors persist amongst staff that Sara is a necrophiliac - yet this has been shot down as vicious hearsay by higher-staff and thus the rumor continues only in whispers.

When confronted with knowledge of the rumors surrounding her Sara seldom seems to react, though she has occassionally hinted that at least the dead do not talk behind her back.

A recent investigation into the history of Valley High has found that in general the life-span of patients entering Valley High has been steadily decreasing over the seven year period Sara has been in position, though higher-staff do not show concern.. "

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