"You better be careful, I can easily rough you up, unless... You're here to enjoy a good game with me?"


Sarena is a ten-year-old that has lived on Earth, spunky in nature, she tends to try to make friends quickly (Though how she normally starts conversations isn't the best path for her) and will normally find a way out of any problem.

It isn't exactly known where she lives, as she never speaks of home, seemingly troubled back where she comes from.

She plays games very often, tag, hide-and-seek, capture the flag, dodgeball, and jump-rope. She is a master at each game, but her skill in jump-roping outshines the others.

Interestingly enough, she knows how to fight with a jump-rope, and uses such as her main weapon if in danger.


Sarena is a lively individual, as such for a child of her age, but can also come across as crass and domineering when angered. She's also depicted as fearless, though normally this is just to hide the fact that she truly is scared of something; nevertheless, she'd charge into a fight if she had to. With an age as her's, she's enjoys games and things that are 'fun', as labeled in her eyes. Games such as tag and hide-and-seek invigorate her and allow her genius to shine through, a hidden, crafty persona behind her eyes.

She's normally seen wearing a blue sundress with a red ribbon tied around it. She has black eyes and auburn hair, with the normal sandals. She is almost always seen holding a jump-rope.


  • Jump-Rope Mastery - Uses her Jump-Rope for fighting, surprisingly effective
  • Hiding Mastery - When in danger, and outnumbered, she can hide effectively
  • Trap Master - Can set up elaborate traps

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