Satanachia is a hell-lord who at first appears to be an archetypical "Satan" figure but is actually a creation of Evil to further her own goals of demonic conquest.


Satanachia was created by Evil many centuries ago as one of many "false" Hell Lords designed to spread further chaos and fear in the hearts of mortals as well as distract higher-powers from Evil's true plans of multiversal domination and destruction.

As such Satanachia was never a truly "living" entity but akin to a lesser aspect of Evil, a "puppet" which she could command at any time but often left to his own devices so as to create the illusion of independence.

Satanachia was given one of the many "hell dimensions" found in a stretch of space known as the Splintered Path and became a very successful force, though he often clashed with other demons in the Splintered Path - both rival "false" Hell Lords created by Evil and native demons who had inhabited the Splintered Path since the fall of the "Old Gods".

During the events of Absolute Wars the primordial entity known as Abraxas was able to put even the mighty Satanachia under his influence and as such he was one of numerous "gods" corrupted by Abraxas and was defeated by several brave heroes, though like the other corrupted "gods" his defeat did not in any form diminish his own power, it did however free him from Abraxas' control.

Although a largely alien entity with little ties to Earth Satanachia has numerous cults and due to the increased level of space-travel in Earth's recent history more of its heroes and villains have come into contact with Satanachia's cults and some have even encountered the demon himself, though they tend to confuse him with the Biblical "Satan" or "Baphomet".


Powers / Abilities

  • Hell-Lord (Satanachia has the traits of a Type II Hell Lord)
  • Twin Flames of Purgatory (Satanachia's twin torches both burn with demonic flame that overloads a victim with intense pain and nightmarish visions based upon any pre-existing fears of doubts in their mind)
  • Cloak of Sin (Satanachia's cloak is inscribed with demonic symbols that allow him to create mystical constructs based on the seven deadly sins - these constructs are not truly alive but akin to golems under his mental control)
  • Gem of Burning Hate (Satanachia wears a gem on his forehead that allows him to absorb hatred directed towards himself or others and convert it into a powerful batter-ram force known as a "hatred-beam")



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