Seal Maiden is the central protagonist of the "Message In A Bottle" storyarc and is in eternal opposition with Fisherman, having the power to defeat the Nuckelavee with her unique singing voice - she is also the rightful ruler of the mystical underwater kingdom of Hildaland who is forced to travel from isle to isle to evade her tormentor.


Seal Maiden is a unique Selkie with a number of abilities that stand out even amongst her kind.

  • Tidal Mastery (the Seal Maiden has great control over the ocean, though nowhere near as powerful as Fisherman)
  • Shape Shifting (the Seal Maiden can take on the form of a humanoid seal, a human or a norma seal.)
  • Call Of The Seal Maiden (the Seal Maiden has a unique singing voice that can defeat the otherwise unstoppable Nuckelavee)
  • Selkie Touch (like all Selkies the Seal Maiden's touch can heal those who are wounded or sooth the mind of those in immediate distress)
  • Selkie Sight (like all Selkies the Seal Maiden can share visions with her own kind, acting as a sixth-sense that keeps her informed of the activities of other Selkies)