Selkies are a mystical species that reside in the underwater kingdom of Hildaland and are said to be as old as the ocean itself, capable of taking the form of fair humanoid seals, humans or non-morphic seals they tend to live a life of leisure as spirits of the ocean.

Selkies interact with mortals but rarely reveal their true nature, often pretending to be normal seals - however when threatened they will attack and male Selkies in particular become vicious if they feel that they or their loved ones are in danger.

Female Selkies can often find themselves attracted to mortals, resulting in unions that sometimes produce unsual offspring - who are respected by Selkies and treated as equals with mother Selkies being extremely attentive of their young.

However like all species their are some that go against the norm of their society and these criminals can turn to piracy, kidnap or murder - some have even become allies of evil spirits such as Fisherman.


Selkies vary in power by individual but share the common traits as a species:

  • Selkie Song (the singing of a Selkie (both male and female) has a mesmerising effect on mortals that can be difficult to break free of unless one has strong will)
  • Selkie Touch (the touch of a Selkie can heal wounds and sooth the minds of people in immediate distress)
  • Selkie Sight (Selkies can gaze into visions concerning one another, allowing them to effectively sense events that occur with other Selkies)
  • Shape Shifting (Selkies can shift from humanoid-seals, humans or normal seals at will)