began life as a retired Rodeo Clown - having taken one too many beatings at the hooves of angry cattle and being conned out of much of his pay by a corrupt manager who also happened to work for the local mob.

Unwilling to let himself be robbed Septic somewhat foolishly challenged his ex-manager and payed a gruesome price as he was beaten within an inch of his life and tossed into a septic tank.

Rushed to hospital Septic was seen as a lost cause, suffering horrible infections as well as massive shock doctors saw no real way of preventing him from slipping away.

That was until Pietus manifested quite literally in the surgery room, slaughtering the staff present with glee the mad jester then bestowed upon Septic the Ring of Kings before disappearing in a flash of light.

Using the Ring of Kings Septic abandoned his dying body and became a horrific spectre - a monster fuelled by the very poison which had claimed his humanity, quickly seeking revenge on his killers he killed them all via lethal infection and shock.

Realizing few could stop him in his new form Septic soon stopped mourning his bodily demise and embraced his new state as a living embodiment of all things pestilent..

Powers / Abilities

  • Ring of Kings(the Ring of Kings allows Septic to survive as an inhuman beast fuelled by his own desire to keep living, as long as Septic wills himself to survive he can not be slain - much like a ghost, though when weakened he becomes unable to influence the material world until he can rest and recover)
  • Pestilence (Septic has absolute command over disease and infection - making him extremely dangerous)



Advisor / Guardian / The Light / Children Of The Light / Light Keepers


Pietus / Septic / Nettle / Nemean Lion