Simon is the human companion of Whitepaw and second-in-command of her "pack" - which she calls the Children of The Wolf, a full-grown man he was a young boy when he first encountered Whitepaw and she took him away from an unkind orphanage and raised him as her own in the wilderness.

Through Whitepaw Simon developed a belief that orphans required the aid of Whitepaw to survive and grow strong, thus with her encouragement he took to kidnapping orphans from all races in Red's world and raising them as part of the Children of The Wolf.

Both Simon and Whitepaw believe they are uniting the broken races of Red's world and work for a better future but their tactics are such that they are considered a danger to the Monarchy and as Sangria begins the task of slowly entering the dangerous world of a Monarch she is destined to clash with both Whitepaw and Simon..


  • Simon's parents were killed by minions of the Hatter, under the influence of Amarok, who also ensured that Simon would meet Whitepaw and for the Children of The Wolf.

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