Sin, known now in many realms as the First Evil, is a primordial being that entered the cosmos when drawn in by the conflict between the Tribes of Light and Darkness. It was presumed defeated long ago by the Staff of Light and imprisoned in a foreign realm.

However, cosmic power isn't vanquished so easily, and Sin's influence remained. Merging a portion of it's power with the fallen hero Genesis, it created the being known as Eclipse, the first of many of it's followers.

Many would seek out Sin for bargains of power or favors, and while it was able to grant some wishes (with a price), it could not leave it's prison.

Those who have been in contact with Sin include:

  • Genesis (Grieving, pledged his soul to Sin to attain vengeance.)
  • Lucifer (???)
  • Zied (Bargained for more power.)
  • Kaede (Led Zied to Sin. No deal made.)


(The true form of Sin will be revealed in Shattered Psyche.)

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