Sister Moon is an ancient spirit who embodies the "far side" of Earth's own moon - although a minor Absolute she is a hateful and cruel spirit who became the main antagonist of Moonlight Shadow.


Sister Moon came into existence shortly after Earth's moon was formed and embodied the "far side" of the moon - the part that remained hidden from Earth and as a result she was always an isolated entity who resided mainly in shadow.

Sister Moon would become corrupted over the centuries into a demonic creature despite her Absolute nature, becoming a dangerous rogue entity as a result.



Powers / Abilities

  • Eternal (as long as Earth's moon remains so too does Sister Moon)
  • Astral-Existence (Sister Moon can exist in a ghostly state for prolonged periods of time)
  • Time-Alteration (Sister Moon can appear in the past, present or future of any time-line)
  • Possession (Sister Moon can attach herself to living hosts, forming a skull-like mask and large wings as well as a devil-like tail in the process)
  • Stellar-Flight (once in possession of a living host Sister Moon can fly indefinitely in space but can not go much further than the orbit of Earth's moon)
  • Lunar Manipulation (Sister Moon can manipulate phenomena traditionally associated with the moon such as tides, human emotion and so on : she is also the force that empowers "lunar deities" alongside the Secret of the Moon )
  • Omnipresence <Earth-Only> (Sister Moon can appear in multiple locations at once within the confines of planet Earth)
  • Omniscience <Earth-Only> (Sister Moon has unlimited knowledge on people and events within the confines of planet Earth)


Misery / Oblivion / Blight / Phobia / Iron-Maiden / Enmity / Rot

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Nightmare / Panic / Father Time / Sister Space / Mother Earth


Worry / Stress / Devastation / Warmonger

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