are a violent society of renegade mutants and genetic-experiments who function much like a street-gang: dedicating themselves to a "survival of the fittest" philosophy they roam the streets picking fights with "normies" - who they hold in contempt, they rarely kill but are known to frequently mug people, harass them and vandalize their properties for thrills.

When not terrorizing the weaker Skulls enjoy partaking in the brutal sport of Beatdown - where new recruits are locked into a large cage in the Skulls' warehouse and made to fight for the enjoyment of the others until the fighters are either too exhausted to fight or the Omega-Skull calls the fight off (usually in response to authorities being alerted or other such distractions).

Although cowards by heart Skulls can be a major threat to the well-being of communities and are an especially worrying influence on young mutants who feel out of place in society: tempting them in with promises of great power.

Skulls also have an intense rivalry with Ferals - the two gangs clash with one another frequently and any Skull thought as holding alliance with a Feral member risks a severe beating or worse.

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