Slapstick is a major character in The Last Laugh as well as the "Toon Wars".

Slapstick is the result of a forbidden union between a Toon mother and a human father, being raised in the Land of Nowhere he never truly found peace with the other Toons, who often shunned him due to his human heritage and thus as he grew into a young man his mother finally let him go into the "real" world.

However Slapstick's link to the Land of Nowhere meant that he would not escape so easily and sure enough he found himself pursued by Betwixt and his Empire - who wanted to use Slapstick as an anchor by which to secure a permanent gateway between the world of reality and the world of Toons.

Powers / Abilities

Slapstick has similar reality-warping abilities as a full-blooded Toon but is able to exist in the real world for extended periods of time and is not dependent upon memories to survive - within the Land of Nowhere he is immune to aging, however when he enters the real world he begins to age just like a normal human and can be killed, unlike true Toons.. though his resistance is greatly enhanced.

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