Sloth is a member of The Outsiders and acts as a vessel for the Dark One known as Rot, unlike many he actually has a fairly close bond with Rot as he sees her as another aspect of the "Dark Spirit" (which holds some truth since Rot is the "daughter" of Misery) - this bond remains even after his conversion to a follower of Evil and Rot is the only Dark One who has no disowned her "champion", the reasoning behind this is Rot does not see Evil as being a true enemy since she is intelligent enough to know (or at least suspect) that Evil and Misery are aspects of the same entity, albeit often in a state of "war" with one another.

Following his conversion to a follower of Evil herself Sloth gained a demonic appearance resembling an old-fashioned circus clown dressed in striped pyjamas.



  • Decay (Sloth can cause living matter to wither and die, the effects are temporary however and require willpower - if disrupted Sloth's effects are removed almost instantly: he is also nowhere near as capable of controlling the process of decay as experienced necromancers or other high-scale magic users)


  • Decay (see above)
  • Induced Sleep (Sloth can induce slumber in victims with a thought, making them extremely vulnerable to attack)